Tuesday, 6 December 2011

6th December

Today is our independence day. As the Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel recently described the finns, "they are little bit melancholic and they don't talk much". Maybe that is why we celebrate our indepence day in the darkest time of the year with dignity, respect to veterans and with devotions. To us this day means that we respect the solders who claimed our independency from Russia. There aren't too many of those honorable men left.

We don't have fireworks and we don't go to picknics or to the restaurants. One may ask how do we celebrate it then? Ok, I'll tell you. All the shops and most of the restaurants are closed. The elite are invited to a great "fiesta" to our presidents castle. Most of us follows the party via television. Some cities arrange their own smaller ceremonies too. Tomorrow at work we talk about the ladies gowns and the best looking couples, etc. But that is all about weard finnish traditions. 

Back to my lovely advents calendar. Today I gave Torhild a pop gun.

I recieved a wonderful Bonnie Lavish poinsettia kit. I've secretly whished to get one of her kits and now I have one, plus I can start using my new embossing tool. Thank you Torhild!
Ou my, and guess what?? I recieved this beautiful replica of the engel pyramid from Sari. It  was little bit broken when I opened it, but I managed to glue it together with jewelry cement and now it is ok. Thank you Sari. It is stunning.
From Tiina I got these little christmas cards and envelopes with nice rack. She also gave me two christmassy plates. Everything is so beautiful. Thank you Tiina.

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