Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas swaps 2012

December has started few days ago and Christmas is here sooner than we think. This year I changed my Christmas calendar with Gill from the blog Make It Small. I'm glad that Gillian was up to the challenge. Christmas swap meant making 25 gifts for each other. We have been blog friends since we were Christmas Swap pairs at Caterina's swap over 2 years ago wich is long time ago.

December 1st Gill find this personalised mug. I find a lovely photo of her adorable twin grandsons Oliver and Harry. The mug is very tiny and it is hadr to take a good picture of it.
Gill made for my very first advent day this quality ribbon display box. I find it fantastic.

December 2nd I tought that Pepsi-colas with french fries would be nice Sunday lunch for Gill.
Dec.2 I find some Easter Treats. Eater comes sooner than you can think.

December 3rd I made Gill something to read. I made her two books about Paddington bear.
Dec. 3rd. Gill has made me a very romantic drawer liner package. This will find its place in my dollhouse wardrope.

Janne was overwhelmingly generous with her first advents gift. I'm so amazed all the tiny Christmas decorations and the crocheted shawl and the games. Than you so much Janne! I hope my gifts to come will be worth waiting for. ;)

Torhild is also been very creative with her first advents gift. She made a lighted Christmas star for window and very delicate cushion with very tiny beads.
Like other years Torhild and I changed a few gifts with each other as well. This year we have Janne with us. I'm so excited to have a new friend from Norway. With Torhild and Janne we changed 4 gifts for the 4 coming advent Sundays.  I made for Torhild and Janne a display which will be completed by December 23rd. I'll show you the photo of my gifts no sooner than then.

I'm part of our miniature club NK-piiri's christmas swap also. In NK-piiri we are 11 ladys how have agreed to make 3 different gifts for each other. I'm going to post those pictures later on so I won't reveal the surprises too early.


  1. Fantastico!!me encantan todos los regalos!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  2. How many gifts! Congratulations, everything is wonderful.
    Bye Faby


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